Cheap Flights to Fiji

The perfect location for honeymoons, dream vacations and adventurous getaways, the oceanic heaven of Fiji is unequalled. A sun-kissed lifestyle of stunning colour, Fijians inhabit an pleasant haven of sentimental fantastic seashores, while the deep cobalt blue ocean melt into crystal-clear browse upon the coast. With world-class hotels and five-star hotels making Fiji the most well-connected and luxurious of all the Pacific archipelagos, you’ll be pleased by what Fiji has to offer. Whether you’re snorkeling amongst the smooth reefs, hiking into the island’s amazing landscape, or savouring the fascinating island culture, you’ll quickly love this cheerful isle overflowing with life.

The perfect place for Isle hopping, Fiji has organized island trips where you are welcomed with a mixture before walking to the silvery seashores, secluded coves with falls and warm lagoons. Snorkeling is a must in Fiji with awesome corals and marine lifestyle and river tubing is awesome for adrenalin lovers.

Fiji has many regional towns where you can get a real sense of lifestyle on islands and pay attention to tribe experiences and tradition. There is loads of night lifestyle where you can show up, eat and drink Fijian style. Places to have dinner are unlimited too from tantalising road booths to elegant dining places. Nadi and Suva are the two main Isles where shopping and night lifestyle flourish, although you’ll find regional, at the same time smaller businesses on most.

Best time to visit to Fiji

The month November through April is considered as best time to visit Fiji because at this time weather is best for tourists.

Airlines that fly to Fiji

Air New Zealand, Virgin, British Airlines, Emirates and American are all popular airlines that fly to Fiji from UK airports. There are no direct airlines for Fiji flights at least one stop point. British Airways provides food and drink on this route and Virgin airlines offer high comfort and a great selection of in-flight entertainment.